Sunday, March 3, 2019

6 x 6 for ROCO

Yesterday my Fiberistas group made our annual arty meet up at Mary’s house! She has all manner of creative ingredients for us to use to make a 6 x 6 piece of art for ROCO gallery. 6” square art on any substrate and anything goes. Really. Anything.
From top:  “XXOO” monoprint 
                  “Eat the Cake”  paper collage
                  “52” monoprint
I’ll make one more. 4 is the donation limit. 
This exhibit/sale has become quite the big deal. Receiving art from all over, from young and old, from great to bad. 
It’s a fundraiser for the gallery. 
When viewing is a available online of all artworks, I’ll post a link.

I have learned:

1.  My friend, Vinnie, has an epiphany a bit ago. After one of our quilt retreats at Asbury on Silver Lake she realized, that for her, seeing was a team sport!  I get it. I sew with my friends on my machine there but at home I hand stitch.  I’ve never loved sitting at a machine. For me it’s the means to an end.

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