Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quilt Show...a Click Away...240 Pics of Quilts!

My Mermaid CQ RR piece won a ribbon at our quilt show for Best Group Quilt!! I  had just gotten this back in the mail  3 days before the show...I sewed a backing to it and sleeved it just in time for drop-off on Wednsday. My friends Jody, Nicki, Thearica, Kathy and Carolyn were my winning team. I thank you girls for all your gorgeous work!

I have spent literally hours today downloading 240 pictures from the show. I always go through and adjust the contrast etc on each pic which is pretty time consuming but worth it for better images. It took a very long time to get them in albums on Snapfish....2 albums. Don't ask. Just enjoy the show!
Album 1
Album 2

Friday, October 15, 2010

George Siciliano, the Mrs and Me!!

Just a quick post during this awesome guild quilt show weekend. This is me, holding the door prize, a 12 pack of fabrics George Siciliano sells to use in his gorgeously intricate mini masterpieces, with lovely Mrs Virginia Siciliano and George himself!! He and Ginny are adorable. Their trunk show is mind bogglingly inspiring, a true pleasure to be in their presence.
George held an all day workshop today, with another tomorrow. I will be taking tomorrow's and will have more on that later.
The quilt show is really going well. The new venue, St Anthony's old elementary school, is working out wonderfully. If you live anywhere near Batavia, NY, come tomorrow, 10-5 PM.
I am too tired to post more, but I have pics of all the great works, as well as George's trunk show, to post this week!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

CQ Mermaid~Nicki's

I have been stitching, finishing up Nicki's CQ Mermaid block. This is one area I did. I bought a packet of these transfers from ebay a while ago. I chose this precious one since I could change the concept to underwater. The dyed cheesecloth acts as a frame, tacked down with sparkly crystals, sequins and beads. The "bubbles" are white bunched tulle.
I redressed the little sprite in a pink with brown dots dress!

Further down on the block I used a netting from a vintage hat, tossed in some leafy sequins and a cool button I found at Joann's. I knew Nicki's block was blue!
And this is the last bit I have been working on...kind of a Sharon Bogan sumptuous surface thing. Lots of french knots and texture.
The whole gorgeous block! Nicki will love it.

This mermaid was the work of  Kathy, a truly talented stitcher. Those sequins are tiny, sewn on individually to form the scales on the tail and the hair is split stitch using a variegated thread.
As I have mentioned throughout this year I have participated in a Homemade Holiday Swap. Deb51, from Tennessee made this beautiful fall table runner from shabby chic-ish fabrics. I just love it!
I made this raggedy applique pillow for knotme, in a workshop Chris hosted at guild. I loved this process. It was fun to do and I can see many ways it could be used in various projects. It is stuffed with a cushy down pillow form.
Last weekend I was immersed in Chautauqua, wondering the grounds looking at quilts, and taking in history. This is one adorable Sweet.

The last 2 weeks have been consumed with Michaels mono and the various side affects (tonsillitis, hepatitis and rash) and doctor's appointments, missed work and light sleep. So I slept til 9 the last two mornings! After Friday's doctor visit and a shot of steroid to the arse, and subsequent meds, the horrible, itchy body rash has subsided and proper sleeping habits restored! Let's hope we are on the up-swing and things get back on track at school and life.

My symbol piece for the online group, Bakers Dozen, is slowly moving along. I have decided to do kantha stitching on a good chunk of fabric. It will entail many, many, many stitches! On the other hand, it looks so cool. The stitches form a secondary design, very textural. I have much to do on this piece.

Museum Quilt Guild, my guild, has our biannual quilt show in less than 3 weeks! Today I sewed the sleeve on "Freedom", which I was thinking I should have renamed "I am Woman". Too late for the show, but not too late for me to do whatever I want.....and that is to rename it! Luckily the small pieces are pinned to a board so no sleeve or hanging apperatice needed. Straps are waiting to be sewn on a bag yet and one piece I entered needs to be located (!) and finished with a backing and a sleeve! HHmmmm. Where oh where did that Crazy Quilted RR piece go too?

I have learned:

  1. I am down 5.4 lbs and Melissa is down 12 lbs!!!! We have a little over a year to the wedding!
  2. Project Runway.....still like April, like Mondo lately....Gretchen, not so much. Attitude not cool.
  3. Blue Bloods...good show. Great group of characters. And it's on-demand.
  4. I will be able to add photographers assistant to my skills after next Sunday. Sandy's brother is coming in to photograph Carol's wedding sans help, thus me!
  5. I was stuck in the waiting room at doc's office Friday....with daytime shenanigans blasting in the foreground....a woman humming as anger management in Divorce Court...people yelling and cursing, well bleeping, as Jerry Springer tests men for proof of paternity. If I were to have had my blood pressure taken after that it would undoubtedly be high. I cannot imagine who would be entertained by that day after day. Apparently millions must. Ugh.
  6. I can retire in 5 1/2 years.